What should I wear for my appointment?  


Chiropractic treatment is performed fully clothed and there is no need to wear special attire.  For your therapeutic massage appointment, after discussing your treatment plan, your practitioner will give you privacy to undress and get comfortable on the table. The massage table has sheets and blanket for your warmth and comfort.  Please don’t hesitate to communicate with your Massage Therapist any specific questions you have about dressing and treatment areas. 

How do I make an appointment?

Please call 425-368-2003 for chiropractic and massage appointments. You may also utilize our online request form and we will respond promptly. 

How do I know if my insurance covers my treatment?  


We are contracted with many of the primary insurance companies and are happy to help contact your carrier to determine benefit coverage.  If you are unsure of your coverage please call and we can assist you.  

How long is an appointment?


Your initial 60 minute chiropractic appointment will include an introductory chiropractic exam, manual adjustments, and discussion of your treatment plan.  Follow-up appointments are typically 15 minutes.  Therapeutic massage appointments are 60 minutes, which includes your intake, hands on treatment and follow-up discussion. 

How long do I need treatment?  


After your initial assessment, Dr. Keith will discuss his recommended treatment plan.  Each patient is unique in the care they will need for optimal treatment. Bi-weekly/weekly/monthly visits may be necessary. We may also recommend pairing Chiropractic treatments with Massage Therapy. 
My child was in the car with me, do they need chiropractic adjustments? Children are affected by accidents similarly to adults. Yes, they can be treated and will benefit from chiropractic care to help minimalize any long term effects of the accident.